Would you like to make the most of your customers’ preferences to improve product development?

MeetApp allows you to efficiently gather your customers’ preferences and correctly prioritize them in order to optimize your product development. Having a correct insight of what your customers ask for is a key to enhance your offer.

One of our clients has yearly meetings where they present new products and gather ideas about new solutions their customers have, and are asking for. This way they get valuable input to the new development planning and prioritization for the coming year, knowing that what they invest in building is actually what customers are asking for.

MeetApp has help them optimize these meetings in order to efficiently collect and prioritize their customers´ requests. Since this process has been used for two years now our client has been able to show how several of the top prio features are a result of their customers’ insights from the previous year. This has created a value added to the other advantages, as their customers feel they can actually impact what is developed and their opinion is highly regarded.

MeetApp is a mobile platform designed to transform your meeting and events into amazing experiences. It improves the flow of real time information, smooths feedback and empowers communication and engagement between participants.

MeetApp customers include

ICA Microsoft United Airlines IDG Danske Bank