Learn everything you need to know to create an amazing event experience!

Customer Spotlight: Opticians Association of Canada

Nothing beats a first-hand account of how someone can successfully transform their in-person event to a purely virtual one. In this episode, Dalie Schellen of The Optician’s Association of Canada will be walking you through her entire event-planning experience!

Using Tech to Bring Your In-Person & Virtual Audiences Together

Just because your hybrid event has two audiences doesn’t mean you should treat your in-person and virtual attendees as if they are at different events! Learn how event professionals are creating unified event experiences across their in-person and virtual audiences – making all your attendees feel like they’re part of the same event!


Are you ready for hybrid? In this episode, we’ll be talking key differences between virtual and hybrid, how to set yourself up for a successful in-person comeback and things to avoid along the way.

MeetApp Deep Dive

Join us for a first-look into the new MeetApp platform. We’ll take you from registration through the event attendee experience through mobile and our new browser-based Virtual Venue.

2021 Halloween Spooktacular

During this special episode, we’ll be sitting down with Heather Herrig, Chief Event Strategist at Every Last Detail Events and MPI Georgia along with Eric Miller of Mainline AV to dispel the spookiest myths and misconceptions of virtual and hybrid events.

Event Spotlight: VA Gifted

In this episode, Sal sits down with Dornswalo Wilkins-McCorey of the Virginia Association for the Gifted to discuss how their organization produced and delivered an amazing event experience for their attendees.

Going Virtual!

In this webinar you will learn how to best convert your in-person event into a successful virtual event.

Virtual Events

Join MeetApp’s Senior Product Specialist, Sal Camarda, as he takes you through the entire virtual attendee experience from registration to the day after your virtual event.

Live Stream Roundtable

Join our panel of experts as they talk about digital event technology and answer the most frequently asked questions about creating a digital event. You will also get a behind-the-scenes look at one of our digital workshops.

Get Control! Over Virtual Events

Join MeetApp’s Sal Camarda along with Eric Miller from Mainline AV and Mike Song from GetControl! as we discuss what to do to become a real virtual event presentation rock star!

Event Content Theory

In this webinar we teach you what you need to know when you are creating and building engaging content for your virtual event.

ABCs of Events Engagement

Learn the ABCs of Event Engagement with us at MeetApp! Learn how to engage and keep your participants motivated with the help of an event app.


Gamification is a fun way to create successful meetings and events. You will keep your participants active and engaged, they will remember what was said and become more motivated to network and take part in activities.

Smartphone Addiction

Our webinar will explain how our behaviour has changed since the introduction of smartphones. It will teach you how an event app can help increase efficiency and engagement – before, during and after your event.