Want to monetize your MeetApp?

MeetApp can easily be used as a revenue generator for your events. Your MeetApp installation provides multiple possibilities for you to make money back from your event investment. This blog post covers some commonly used ways for doing so.

  • Present your sponsors within INFORMATION ITEMS in the INFORMATION section of your MeetApp.
  • Utilize the event rotating banner functionality to present sponsors directly on the start screen.
  • To promote sponsors, consider sending an INFORMATION MESSAGE about your sponsor(s) as a push notification found in the DIALOGUE section of your MeetApp.
  • Brand awareness is everything to sponsors. Consider giving sponsors the opportunity to have their logo on your MeetApp splash screen.
  • Give your sponsors the option to sponsor a program item in your event. Use the sponsor’s logo as the program item’s avatar and then create a linked INFORMATION ITEM that takes your participants to the sponsor’s information page.
  • Let sponsors have their logo as picture for a program item and let them “present” that item
  • Allow your sponsors to present the push notifications