Want to keep your event participants informed?

One of the best things with MeetApp is that it makes it really easy for you as an event organizer to keep your participants informed at all times.
MeetApp provides a wide toolbox for informing people before, during, after and in-between events. Changes done in admin are updated and communicated to all your participants in real-time.
The following list contain a set of techniques that can be used to make sure that your participants have access to all the information they need.

  • Distribute your latest event information and related artifacts to your participants by creating INFORMATION ITEMS in the INFORMATION section of your MeetApp.
  • For critical information, consider creating and sending an INFORMATION MESSAGE as a push notification found in the DIALOGUE section of your MeetApp. This will immediately notify your participants that there is new critical information available.
  • In the DIALOGUE section of your MeetApp, send an INFORMATION MESSAGE as a push notification to welcome your participants to the event, inform that it is time to start the next session or other short messages.
  • Collect outputs from group work and/or group discussions and add it to the corresponding PROGRAM ITEM as a LINKED INFORMATION ITEM.
  • Present travel, accommodations and venue information.
  • Present your event speakers as INFORMATION ITEMS and link them back to related PROGRAM ITEMS.
  • Link presentation materials back to individual PROGRAM ITEMS in the PROGRAM section of your MeetApp.
  • Inform your event participants about Wi-Fi details during the event.
  • Inform your event participants about which organizers to contact for particular questions.
  • Show videos of keynote speeches to emphasize and summarize what was discussed in the event. This can be done by embedding YouTube or Vimeo or by uploading to the MeetApp Admin. You can also stream these keynote speeches live by embedding LiveStream feeds in your MeetApp.
  • Show an introduction video from the CEO to view before the meeting to engage and inform participants before they come to the meeting.
  • Present different companies in the exhibition area under the INFORMATION section of your MeetApp.