Want to increase participant usage of your MeetApp?

Although most people nowadays are very familiar with smartphone apps and MeetApp is consistently receiving positive customer feedback for its easy to use graphical interface there are still a few things that can be done to improve the participant experience of your MeetApp investment.

  • Prior to your event(s), inform your attendees about the app by sending out text messages and/or emails containing download and installation instructions.
  • To increase app awareness, create an information page for your app on your website and/or intranet site that contains download and installation instructions.
  • Market your MeetApp once participants arrive at your event. Optionally, provide printed QR codes with download links.
  • Help users set up their profile information inside the app to increase networking experience.
  • Reach out to your followers by posting about your app on your social network pages. A picture is worth a thousand words; so try using screenshots of your MeetApp or photos of people using it to get people curious and excited. You can also add links from your social network post to your MeetApp in the iTunes App Store or Google Play so participants can easily find and download it.