Vitec uses MeetApp to involve customers in their product development

Vitec is a software company that offers industry specific business applications on the Nordic market. 3-meny_iphone6_silver_portraitClients include e.g. facility management companies, construction and real estate companies, banks and insurance companies. Vitec has a yearly meeting – Vitecdagarna – where they gather their customers and share experiences, present new products and customer cases.
Vitec is continously developing and improving their offering and services. As many software companies they have the challenge of having to prioritize among a long list of new possible features. To facilitate this Vitec wanted to gain customer insight in what ideas and new solutions customers are asking for.
Vitec were searching for a structured and efficient way to learn about customers needs as well as to prioritize these. In addition they wanted to show customers that Vitec listened and responded to their interest. Read the full story on how MeetApp helped Vitec in the product development process