Vimeo Integration is Here!

By Samantha Gennett (Staff Writer)

Vimeo Integration

Did you know that MeetApp can now support Vimeo? The options are endless – keep reading to find out more about the ins and outs of Vimeo integration!


With MeetApp, there are two types of ways to integrate Vimeo: Vimeo On-Demand and Vimeo Live. Vimeo On-Demand is a collection of prerecorded videos that are connected to a program feature or page directly from the Vimeo website. Vimeo Live, true to its name, is a livestream.


MeetApp supports playback when it comes to your livestreams. You are able to pause and rewind livestreams as you wish, which can be a relief if you’ve missed anything within a presentation.


All privacy settings are supported, as well. You can have any of the three types of access: public, private, or password protected.


Let’s talk about the different ways you can set up your Vimeo integration: the most commonly used method is having a “Vimeo Live” tab listed on your main menu and your prerecorded videos (aka “Vimeo On-Demand”) available within a single program item. In this situation, your livestreams will be easily accessible from the main menu and your prerecorded videos can be integrated throughout your program items as you see fit.


Attendees are able to view both types of videos (livestream or prerecorded) on both the web platform and their mobile application. Another handy capability of Vimeo integration is that the video can be minimized and moved around on the screen while the attendee surfs around other parts of the app.


There’s so much you can do with Vimeo integration and, in case you were wondering, yes: YouTube integration works the same, exact way!

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