Using PowerPoint to display MeetApp dialogue items

Integrate MeetApp directly into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
Use MeetApp in your slides by following these steps:

  1. Inside PowerPoint navigate to the ribbon menu option “Insert”. Select “Store” and search the Office Store for “MeetApp”.
    microsoft office powerpoint meetapp add in
  2. Click on the MeetApp add-in in the list of search results. This will bring up a more detailed presentation of the add-in.
  3. In order to use the add-in select “Trust it”. The add-in will then be inserted into your current slide.
  4. From within the add-in area login using your MeetApp administrative credentials.
  5. Select the event you want to import questions office powerpoint meetapp add in event
  6. Select the question that you want to import into your office powerpoint meetapp add in dialogue
  7. Resize the chart area as needed, it is also possible to change or remove the charts title by clicking on it and follow the instructions.
    Microsoft PowerPoint Eventapp
  8. Chart results are updated in real-time as participants provide their feedback from your app.

It is also possible to integrate items that are not yet published, when doing so a “Publish” button will appear inside the PowerPoint slide. When clicked the item will be published with the settings defined for it in MeetApp regular item – this includes support for push notifications.
Remember that you can add multiple dialogue items to your presentation. Once you save your presentation it can safely be sent to co-workers or presenters without exposing access to anything than the imported dialogue item.