A wealth of information in your pocket

Education and professional development is typically material-heavy. Using MeetApp, you can gather relevant content before, during and after a course. Video presentations, links and PDFs can be readily available within the app. Quickly share information like travel details, hotels, seminar groups and agendas. Push notifications can help you instantly reach participants with updates and reminders.

Evaluation and participation

How do you determine your return on investment when it comes to courses and conferences? With MeetApp, you can test knowledge prior to a lecture, then compare it to results afterwards to see if there’s any difference. Encourage interaction and let participants ask questions directly to the lecturer while they’re on stage or between courses.

Networking for better learning

During corporate training, the connections you create are invaluable. Through MeetApp, participants can share contact information to easier collaborate and find new business solutions. Create your own private social media network for your event attendees and let them post images and make comments in the in-app Activity feed. Get quick responses to questions and stimulates new topics for larger discussions.

Some great ways to use MeetApp for training and education include:

Information available at all times

Your employees don’t live at their computer but carry a smartphone the majority of the time. All your relevant information and educational material can be readily available when they want and need it in their mobile device.

Continuous interaction

With MeetApp, you can easily communicate and share media in the downtime between conferences and seminars. Trainers and professional development staff can conveniently reach everyone with a single push notification – even if the next session is weeks away.

Continuously test knowledge before and after

MeetApp lets you send questions and get instant responses – making it easy to conduct tests before and after a learning session. This ensures development is headed in the right direction and cuts down on complicated and costly evaluations.

A consistent experience for all your training

Many large organizations have different types of training that need to be carried out simultaneously. For instance, large airlines like United Airlines use MeetApp to train all their inflight staff across 5-10 sessions each day, with groups ranging from 10-40 people.

”Our participants become more engaged and share their ideas during events, with the help of MeetApp.”

Ulrika Johansson, Marketing coordinator at Tele2