Meeting app with all your information at one place

Distribute information seamlessly

As an organizer, you can rest assured that your participants have access to the same up-to-date information. Easily distribute documents, reports and presentations. Your participants can conveniently create a personalized agenda from hundreds of topics, speakers, and seminars.

Facilitate dialogue between participants

Creating organic interactions and driving networking during meetings and conferences used to be difficult. With MeetApp, you can effortlessly engage attendees by sending out questions, polls, and asking for real-time feedback during presentations. If the subject is sensitive, allow your audience to submit anonymously. Gain valuable insights through evaluations before, during and after any meeting.

Event app for increased participation

Expand your network

New and interesting connections can be made when you gather people from different backgrounds and experiences. With MeetApp, networking is even easier because participants can add their contact information, chat with each other, and share documents or images. It’s a great way of enabling collaborations between different departments or organizations.

Some great ways to use MeetApp for public sector meetings and conferences include:

Digital sustainability

Meetings and conferences traditionally require a lot of printed paper. By using a conference app, you can eliminate costly and environmentally wasteful printed collateral; like programs, menus, business cards and flyers. Communicate valuable public transportation or carpooling information to promote environmentally friendly transportation alternatives.

The latest up-to-date information

Travel details, hotels, seminar groups, venues, Wi-Fi passwords – it’s all available at your fingertips. With MeetApp, you can rest assured knowing that every participant has the latest updated information readily available.

Enhanced democracy

With MeetApp, every participant can make their voice heard by submitting questions or comments; anonymously if preferred. Organize a vote, conduct polls, or test for knowledge and values that can be transformed into useful word cloud to further greater discussions.

The network effect

For many participants, exchanging in-app contact information is more efficient and highly valuable. An overview of who’s in attendance increases opportunities to make new connections across the organization.

”Superb employee meeting! Well done! Lovely and modern with the app!”

Meeting participant at City of Stockholm