Meeting app with all your information at one place

All your information, always up-to-date

With MeetApp, you can organize participants’ information and practical details like travel, hotel, agendas and contacts. The answers to all the “when, where and whats” are collected in one place so everyone has access to the same updated information.

Encourage internal networking

MeetApp enables users to chat and share content with each other like a private social network. Networking is important for building company culture and strengthening the bonds between different departments. Simple things like giving employees a photo to go along with their name can lower the threshold for making new connections and facilitate collaboration across geographical distances.

Meeting app for increased engagement

Increase dialogue and engagement

Before, during, and after an event, the organizer can post questions, ask for discussion topics and conduct polls. Through MeetApp, you can capture the participants’ thoughts and ideas prior to the meeting and transform them into topics and insights. It’s also an easy way of engaging participants through activities like challenges and competitions.

Some great ways to use MeetApp for kick-offs and internal meetings include:

Push notifications

Simultaneously distributing up-to-date event information to your participants is incredibly valuable. This is particularly important during conferences or company trips when information needs to be delivered to groups of people who are geographically apart.

Personal information

Getting the right information to the right person is time consuming, especially when you’re on the road. With MeetApp, you can customize what information reaches which participant. For example, things like seminar groups, hotel rooms, dinner seating or travel details.

More interaction

Whether you arrange a sales conference, workshop, or company trip, it’s important to boost engagement and open up dialogue between participants. Encourage interaction by collecting questions and potential topics and showcase them within the meeting app or on a big screen.

Dynamic word clouds

Send out questions or topics and present audience responses in a dynamic word cloud. It’s a great way to field interest in a subject while creating new discussion topics.

Image gallery

Upload professional images or let participants add their own and showcase them in real time. It’s always fun to scroll through memories from seminars, group activities and parties.

Let the competition begin!

A contest can really get things going at your event. MeetApp’s award-winning suite of dialogue tools make it easy to run quizzes or collect answers to create dynamic word clouds. Gamification lets you compete for “best app user” and image sharing can open up more opportunities for competitions, like “best photo” of the event.

”The functionality of MeetApp is incredible and our personalized app made our leadership conferences truly successful.”

Jeff Greenman, Inflight Senior Manager at United Airlines