Event app for professional presentation

Professional presentations

MeetApp helps your brand grow by creating a customizable mobile platform for your clients to use. Customize colors and features to present your brand and event in a way that’s appealing for your partners. You also get an easy and efficient communication channel that can be used between events.

Increased participation makes better events

With MeetApp, you can let your customers take part in product development in real time. Software development companies, like Vitec, let clients post development proposals for products, then let participants vote on their favorite proposals. During the meeting, Vitec received valuable information on the priorities of their customers, while collecting interesting topics for further discussions.

Event app for increased participation

All your information in one place

MeetApp lets you aggregate useful information on venues, speakers, and transportation all in one place. Real time push notifications instantly update and information your participants. Distribute presentations and sales material within the event app – making printed programs and paper handouts a thing of the past.

Some great ways to use MeetApp for client and partner events include:

In-app personal information

With MeetApp, participants can customize their agenda by adding speakers and topics that appeal to them. As an organizer, you can distribute personalized information to different participants. Your salespeople will love to know which clients are attending what meetings.

Present news and products

Reach every attendee with the push of a button. Posting company news in your event app has never been easier. Drive higher information awareness and deliver reminders to your audience with push notifications.

Distribute valuable collateral

MeetApp delivers all your relevant materials like videos, Power Point presentations, PDFs, links, and even that day’s presentations to your participants’ mobile device.

Connect your partners

An easy way to strengthen bonds between your partner companies is to present them, along with relevant images, links, and contact information, inside your event app. Deliver additional valuable exposure through in-app banners and push notifications.

Increase dialogue

Building engagement is one of MeetApp’s core features. During client events, field questions and drive conversations to create valuable insight for your company. Give your audience a shared voice and make sure that everyone is seen and heard – even anonymously!

Let the competition begin!

A contest can really get things going at your event. MeetApp’s award-winning suite of dialogue tools make it easy to run quizzes or collect answers to create dynamic word clouds. Gamification lets you compete for “best app user” and image sharing can open up more opportunities for competitions, like “best photo” of the event.

”Our customers feel that we listen to them and use their feedback in our product development.”

Karin Liiw, Head of Marketing, Vitec