Keep your organization highly informed

In an organizational change process, it’s paramount that everyone has access to up-to-date information. With MeetApp, you can collect and distribute all relevant documents regarding upcoming changes, new target goals and values, planning, meetings, and implementations. Push notifications help communicate news and alert users when milestones have been reached.

More feedback means better decisions

By understanding the general feelings and attitudes of employees, you can better assess how changes are being received. Is the entire organization on board, or are additional efforts needed? Through MeetApp, you can send polls and questionnaires to get feedback instantly. For more sensitive subjects, set your feedback to anonymous and watch the rate and quality of responses increase.

Establish trust and loyalty

In times of change, it is extremely important to strengthen bonds between co-workers across units, regions, and even between two merging companies. MeetApp alleviates growing pains by using contact information with images so you can get a better feel of the new overall organization. By password protecting certain change management projects, you can ensure that the flow of information is limited to only those invited.

Some great ways to use MeetApp for change management include:

Personal commitments and tasks

By uploading personal information to the app, users can receive unique tasks with clear deadlines to understand their part in the change process.

Follow up on progress

Co-workers and teams can update progress and milestones directly into to the app. Your company can also share an overall status, for example: the number of people who have completed their training at a certain point in time.

Video messages

While management may have been working on your organizational transformation over several months, it’s still new to the rest of the employees. It takes time and repetition to make it stick. Videos featuring management presentations can be added directly to the app, so everyone can see new content on-demand.

Communicate through images

An image can sometimes say it all. With MeetApp, you can easily add photos, infographics and slides so new information is readily available to every employee.

”Our app has been very popular with our attendees and has really contributed to improving the interactivity”

Camilla Harrskog, Head of Digital Communication at ICA