One app for all your events

Whether you're planning internal meetings, large conferences or recurring courses, MeetApp can help.

Kickoffs and internal meetings:

  • Start with a “Welcome!” message or video
  • Create fun contests, like best posted picture or best idea
  • Accommodations, transportation and grouping information can be tailored for each participant

Client and partner events:

  • Energize professional events through active participation
  • Listen to what your customers are saying, in real-time
  • Instantly publish presentations and summarize panel discussions

Conferences and fairs:

  • Feature exhibitor activities and offers
  • Present your program, speakers and other relevant information
  • Make venue, WiFi, and parking information easily accessible

Public sector:

  • Increase the democracy and participation of your meeting
  • Ensure that all participants are well-informed
  • Take votes and send questions to the speaker

Change management:

  • Find out how employees feel and how much they know
  • Collect and update all your information in one place
  • Instantly gather suggestions and requests

Training and competency development:

  • Course material and links – all in one place
  • Test participant knowledge, before and after the event
  • Enhance networking between competency groups