Two Ways to Try Out the App – No Strings Attached!

Have you been thinking of getting an event app for a while but not gotten to it? Or is this the first time you hear the word “event app” and have no idea what it’s for? Then I think you should keep reading! Here are two ways you could get the true MeetApp experience without having to make any decisions or buy anything.

Event Concept by MeetApp

Do you know what an event app looks like or how you can use it’s features to inform, engage and communicate with your participants? If you want to see what an event app could look like or need inspiration on how to use it, download “Event Concept by MeetApp” – a free app where we have created examples of how you could use the various features to create amazing meetings and events.

  • The Activity Feed is like an “in-app Instagram” that lets your attendees share photos and updates of their experience.
  • The Program feature gathers everything around the “whats” and “whens” of the event.
  • Under My information, each attendee can see their personal choices and needs.
  • In the Information section, you can gather all kinds of practical, engaging and relevant information about and around your event.
  • Use the Dialogue feature to communicate with and engage your participants.
  • Under Participants, you see everyone who’s at the event. From here, you can chat directly with other attendees, add their contact info to your phone or connect through social media. Here, you can also see the leaderboard and find out what to do in order to win the event’s Gamification award!

Right now, there is a Conference trip event available in the app. In the future, we will also create examples of how the app could be used at your internal meetings and kickoffs, client and partner events as well as conferences and trade shows. Want to see something else? Let us know!

Download Event Concept here

Create your own, customized trial app in just a couple of minutes

You know what the event app is for and how to use it, but you want to try it out at your meetings before signing up for anything. No problem! You can create your own branded event app in just a couple of minutes. Then you can use the trial app freely at your meetings, events and conferences during the next 30 days.

What you get:

  • Your own branded event app to use freely during 30 days.
  • The trial app is limited to 10 app users per event
  • All standard features are available in the trial app
  • Additional premium features and more advanced design options are available upon purchase

What you need in order to build your own app:

  • Your company logo with the minimum width of 600 px or minimum height of 400 px
  • Hex color codes for splash screen, background and menu colors in the app
  • Brand page header 640×440 px (optional)

When you’re ready to build your app, click here or on the “Free trial” button in the top right corner. We recommend that you build your app from a desktop browser.

Would you prefer that we go through it all together?

Get in touch to schedule a demo!