Try MeetApp´s New Easy-to-Use Registration Feature!

Before the summer, we told you about MeetApp’s new registration feature, which would be launched just in time for this fall’s kickoffs, meetings and events. And here it is!

Do you find it difficult and time consuming to invite and keep track of attendees? Are you sending hordes of emails before each event? Perhaps you are using a complicated standalone system where you have to go through tons of time-consuming choices and settings? Or you may have a system that you like, but the idea of ​​having everything gathered in one place appeals to you? Then you should take a look at our new registration feature!

This is what you get

  • A flexible and seamless end-to-end solution that lets you handle everything from invitations to information, communication, interaction and follow-up in one app.
  • A customized registration page that is quick to set up and adapt to your various meetings’ and events’ needs.
  • Send and review invitations and reminders from your regular admin portal
  • Import and export guest lists with one click
  • Smart integration between registration and app


Read more and schedule a demo here!