5 Benefits of an Event App

By Samantha Gennett (Staff Writer)

With a great event in the works, comes great challenges. Planning an event is no small feat and, as an event planner, you’re bound to run into obstacles along the way. MeetApp’s versatility makes it a wonderful tool for both event attendees and event planners alike. The challenges that you face while planning an event, fortunately, are surmountable and MeetApp can help you overcome these struggles easily and more efficiently.

Reduce Cost

The first challenge that probably surfaces in your notes and to-do lists is budget. Budgeting and finances are ubiquitous in the event planning process and it’s important to be able to cut costs whenever possible. By adopting MeetApp into your event, you can digitize all of your potential books, handouts, resources, agendas, brochures, maps, etc. All of those ancillary documents that you would have otherwise had to print can be uploaded into your app which will save you loads of money in printing and shipping.

Up-to-date Technologies

Now that much of the stress of budgeting has been alleviated, you can rest easy and focus on catering your event to your attendees’ needs, such as ensuring you have relevant and cutting-edge technologies available for them. Assuming the event you’re planning involves professional development, it’s important that your technologies align with the technologies that are currently used in most workplaces today. As the workforce is ever-evolving with new technologies, so should events, meetings, and conferences be—an event app is a part of the technological evolution and maintains attendees’ comfortability with new technologies and methods of conferencing.


Much of event planner stress can arise during the event itself if last-minute changes occur to the schedule or attendees are in need of updating or reminding of locations, times, feedback—any kind of admin-to-attendee communication and vice-versa can be difficult. MeetApp can help un-muddle communication throughout the event, making it easy for the admins to contact attendees for updates and allowing the exchange of attendee feedback and evaluations to be direct and accessible.

Multiple Events

If you are managing multiple events or conferences for the same organization throughout the year, MeetApp makes it convenient to kickoff each event because you can keep your event active even once the event has concluded—that way it can be leveraged for future events. Keeping your event app active saves you the time and energy of having to start from scratch each time you prepare an event for the same company or organization; it also keeps the most recent event relevant in attendees’ minds as you can continue to communicate with them and update your app after the conclusion of the event.


MeetApp can ease the burdens of budgeting, communicating, and promoting, but the most important challenge that you face is making your event memorable. An event planner’s first and foremost goal is to create an exciting experience that will leave an impression on attendees for a long time after the event. MeetApp can help ensure your event’s success by solidifying more networking and connection amongst attendees because their amount of engagement is ultimately what can make or break an event. Through the Activity Feed, Dialogue feature, Participants feature, Gamification and in-session Q & A opportunities via the app, attendees will feel more connected and a part of the ongoing action of the event.

Planning an event is never an easy task but incorporating MeetApp into your process will help eliminate the stress and allow you to be a part of the extraordinary experience that you put together.

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