Tomorrow’s winners transform their target audience into co-creators

Guest post by Tommy Brotte from Interaktiva Möten
Many schools, corporations, organizations and communication agencies have already realized that the days of one-way messaging to a target audience are close to over. From local school communities to famous corporate brands, it’s clear that communication is trending rapidly toward active audience engagement of students, customers and consumers; thereby turning them into content co-creators.
From Google inviting people to play with and reshape their logo to Nike hosting spectacular running events, activities that foster active engagement help transform your audience into effective brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors willingly help build and perpetuate your brand through multiple channels.
Similarly, the education industry is seeing a rapid paradigm shift toward active learning. One example of this is the method called Flipped classroom. In this case pupils spend time at home before class looking on presentations and lectures through video clips. The time in the classroom is being apportioned to student and teacher discussions as well as workshops to investigate, explore and create new knowledge. Getting students to work through and find the answers rather than trying to make them memorize a one-way conversation has been proven to be much more effective.
Some conference and meeting producers do realize the importance of audience interaction and co-creation. Through active engagement, participants are able to absorb information more effectively, retain information for a greater period of time and are more likely to take action after a conference. This new paradigm has proven to be much more valuable compared to the traditional methods of cramming your audience with a multitude of long, boring PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately the change in this area goes to slow. The mental picture of a conference day is still in most cases a picture of a rather boring and inactive day. And constantly many producers still use conventional and less effective methods.
The great false hope in many professional events is “If the audience hears what the speaker is saying, they will understand, remember and support it”. Unfortunately this seldom works out as planned. The winners of tomorrow are the ones who best understand how to spark audience engagement and collaboration.
By fostering this new paradigm and by using new mobile technologies such as event-apps, meeting and conference producers can discover cost efficient and fun ways to create insights, understanding and actionable outputs together with their participants.

About Tommy Brotte

Tommy-150x150Tommy Brotte is a preferred partner for selling MeetApp in Sweden. Tommy also works as a consultant helping customers to get the most out of MeetApp. Tommy has over 25 years of experience from event communication and has been involved in over 3.000 events. His expertise is how to involve and engage participants in conferences by interactive methods.