The value of using MeetApp for your event

This blog post covers some of the values achieved by our existing customers using MeetApp as the technical solution for their event.
Keep your participants up to date
Using the app and its associated administrative interface it’s easy to make sure that participants always have access to the latest most accurate information.
If you ever need to change the location of a session, update its time or cancel it its just a simple admin action away.
Our admin interface is also fully usable from your smartphone so you can easily to it on the run.

Engage in dialogue with your participants before, during and after the event

The MeetApp solution follows you through all phases of the event.
While doing the final planning of the event utilize the dialogue feature to collect expectations and preferences from your participants.
During the event communicate updates, engage participants in live polls and collect feedback from them.
After the event perform surveys and collect feedback on things that worked as well as things that can be improved for the next event.
Between the events communicate relevant updates to your previous participants.

Save money on production costs for printed material

Our app is capable of replacing a lot of printed material thereby saving you from having to create as much printed material as you used to.
A single hub for information and news
The App acts as a single hub for information and news.
Using the app it is possible to communicate information around things such as:
* Venue
* Transit
* Sponsors
* Speakers
Further more its easy to integrate social media and blog news in a consolidated way.

Enhanced networking experience

Allow your participant to find other participants that share the same interests or challenges.
Your participant can easily exchange contact details through the app.

One solution for all your events

MeetApp is not specific for just one of your events. Our application allows you to manage all your events in one single application. You can chose to keep your event private or public.
Invest once and reuse multiple times.

Strong company branding

Our application is tailored to follow your company branding. When buying a MeetApp solution you just don’t get awesome event features; you also get a strong branding presence in the hands of your participants.
Using MeetApp your brand gains visibility directly in the smartphone application stores.
Generate extra revenue from sponsors
Our optional advertisement feature allows you to generate extra revenue from your sponsors by allowing them premium placement within the app.
If this seems interesting for your company don’t hesitate to contact us for a fixed price quote.