The Real Reason MeetApp was Built

By Samantha Gennett (Staff Writer)

In 2011, when MeetApp was conceived, it was built upon 3 core values: to distribute information efficiently, engage audience in a meaningful way, and facilitate strong and fruitful networking amongst event attendees. The app is designed around these 3 pillars so it can most optimally fulfill these goals as an event-app that informs, engages, and connects attendees.

Efficient information distribution

Distributing information efficiently to the audience is imperative to keeping your event organized because uniformed attendees can be a recipe for disaster. With MeetApp, you can clearly lay out your event’s agenda in detail that is easily accessible to your attendees—the agenda is its own feature within the app that attendees can find just by opening up the tabs. In addition to the agenda, you can also provide your attendees with collateral, such as speaker bios, handouts, presentation decks, and venue information. Your event’s exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers can also be seamlessly interwoven into the several different features and tabs. There is a dense amount of information that comes with attending an event, but MeetApp makes the relaying information rapid and organized through its succinct layout.

Meaningful audience engagement

Audience engagement is pinnacle of any event; a motivated and lively audience is what determines the success of your event. In order to encourage attendees to interact in a fun and meaningful way, you can leverage several of MeetApp’s features and capabilities. Push notifications, polling, sending surveys, receiving feedback, gamification, and the Activity Feed are all ways in which engagement can be elevated. Utilizing these features can help captivate your audience, ultimately providing them with an immersive and stimulating environment that makes them want to come back to your event the next year.

Event attendee networking

A successful event is rooted on the efficient distribution of information, elevated by meaningful audience engagement, and solidified with networking. The relationships that your attendees establish between one another is their final takeaway of your event; it’s what’s going to make them remember the experience and benefit from it in the long-run. Within MeetApp, attendees can identify the people that they want to connect with. From there, they can create “favorites” lists of all of the connections they made throughout the event. When you add someone as a “favorite,” you can take a note on them to be able to remember your conversation and potentially send them a direct message through the app.

3 core values

When all 3 of these elements are combined, you have the potential to create an organized, enriching, and memorable event, which is what MeetApp intends on delivering through its vibrant and multi-faceted system. The core values of MeetApp purpose to provide clients with the stepping stones to creating an incredible experience for event planners and attendees alike.

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