Segment your participants and target your communication

We have recently released a new function in the app that allows you to target your communication to specific participant segments by creating dynamic questions to your participants as the access your event app.
Examples of segment questions can be what business area, region, position etc. your participants segmenteringbelong to. By letting your participants answer what segment they belong to when they start MeetApp you will be able to analyze different segments and target your communication more efficiently.
You may also choose ”Participant field”, which is another free text field to gather information at participant level. Information gathered in participant field is visible for the administrator on the participant’s detail page in admin. The information will also be submitted as a key when exporting participant data and answers from dialogue questions.
How to:
Start with choosing either” Participant segment” or “Participant field” in Admin depending on what type of information you want to gather about your participant.
Participant segments – define your questions with a set of associated answering options. You may for example ask what department your participants belong to with answers like Marketing, IT, Sales, Product etc. Your questions will be displayed in your participants’ mobile as they access the event the first time.
Participant fields – this field allows you to ask your participants about more specific information such as employment number. You simply choose “Create New”, write your question and select “Create”. Your questions will be displayed in your participants’ mobile when they access the event the first time and participants will be prompted to type their answer in a free text field.