A Retrospective Look of MeetApp’s Features From The Past Year

By: Samantha Gennett (Staff Writer)

Retrospective of MeetApp Features

It’s been a busy year for MeetApp! We pride ourselves in our ability to evolve our platform with the times. Here’s a quick overview with some of features we’ve added to our toolbox so that you can have a smooth-running and memorable event

Web Platform

MeetApp’s web platform allows you to create an experience where all of your attendees are connected in one, immersive space without the hassle of managing multiple platforms. Hybrid events have become the standard format this year and event-planners are often burdened with the task of managing separate platforms for the virtual audience and the live audience. You no longer need to jump through all those hoops because MeetApp’s platform can host both audiences in a unified space which takes the stress off admins and encourages connection between the disparate audiences.

Direct Linking

Direct linking is a new and easy way for attendees to join the event – whether they’re accessing it through the app or through the web platform. With direct linking, all the event admins have to do is send a link out to the attendees and the attendees will have one-click direct access to the event. The link with either send attendees to the app store (where they can download the app) or to the web platform where all they need to do is verify their information to gain instant access to the event—promoting and sharing an event has never been simpler!

Vimeo Integration

MeetApp’s platform now supports Vimeo integration. There are two ways to integrate Vimeo: Vimeo On-Demand and Vimeo Live. Vimeo On-Demand is a collection of pre-recorded videos that are connected to a program feature or a page directly from the Vimeo website; Vimeo Live is a livestream. Attendees can easily view both formats of Vimeo from their mobile phone or web browser without having to jump around to different websites because it’s all tethered within MeetApp.

Livestreaming Integration

Similar to Vimeo integration, livestreaming integration is used to stream general session items. Livestreaming integration is a straightforward method of ushering your attendees to livestreams. This feature is a one-click way to livestreams and can be used to connect attendees to YouTube, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Vimeo, MeetApp Live, or any HLS compatible streaming service.

MeetApp Live (Livestreaming)

Last, but certainly not least, is MeetApp Live: MeetApp’s very own livestreaming platform. With MeetApp Live, you can create livestreams without the need of a third party. MeetApp Live is a premium streaming experience that connects your presenters and your audience without the hassle of extraneous platforms—all of your livestreaming can be done entirely within MeetApp now.


These are just a few of the latest features that MeetApp has to offer!

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