Product update: Quickly create similar events using the new copy event feature

Our recent administrative user interface update contains a feature for quickly creating a copy of an existing event. This is a feature that many of our clients that are having similar events have been asking for since it significantly reduces the administrative work.
The “Copy event” functionality is accessible from the event list page. In order to copy an event just follow this simple step by step guide.
1) Locate the event you want to use as a base for your new event and click “Copy”.
2) In the modal dialog window select the features that you want to copy. You can select to copy one or more features over to the event. After the copy has been done you can do manual adjustments to one or more of the items in a particular feature set. Once you are satisfied with your selection click “Next”.
3) Preview and review copy event settings. In the last step of the copy event feature we present what data that will be copied from the selections you made on the previous step. If you have chosen to copy the program feature this step also contains a smart way for quickly batch updating the start times of your program items. By simply defining the start time of the first item in the agenda and clicking “Update dates ” all program items will be updated with the corresponding offset.
Screen displaying the settings available for quick assignment, rest of settings are available for edit below the “Settings” feature once the event has been copied.
Screen above illustrates the program list that will be copied over to the new event, using the top section date bar it is possible to quickly update the date information for all items.