Affordable Pricing

For all your in-person, virtual and hybrid events

Single event – starting from $599!

  • Native iOS & Android mobile app
  • Web-based virtual/hybrid event platform
  • All of MeetApp’s amazing features
  • No lock-in period, no extra fees

Pricing plans

Choose a plan that’s right for your business. Supercharged services at the right price




Super easy to use solution for small to medium events.

Branded end to end event platform for all your events.

Enterprise level security, white label app and top notch support.

Monthly price annual billing USD
Let’s Talk
Attendee seats
1000 seats
2000 seats
Base features
Max Participants per event
Price for 500 extra attendee seats
Number of events
Admin users
Attendee access
Easily accessed web application for desktop access
MeetApp Go - Native mobile container app
Your own (white label) native mobile app (optional)
Invitation & Registration
Custom registration page, custom questions & grouping
Invitation management, follow up, track & remind
Replace MeetApp logo and colors in app and web
Branded registration page
Onboarding and support
Onboarding webinar
Onboarding & training - custom tailored meeting
Support via email & chat
Support via phone
Dedicated customer success manager
Security and access
Single sign on (SSO)
Department admin
Possible own appstore
Customer data privacy agreement; security and compliance review
Attendee experience
Engagement - Live Q&A, polls and workshop tools
Engagement - Surveys, evaluations and quizzes
Engagement - Push notifications to app and web
Information - Live Streams, Meeting links, parallel sessions
Information - Personalized info & group targeted notifications
Information - Agenda, Speakers, Partners & Presentations
Networking - Attendee to attendee chat
Networking - Private Social Network
Networking - Present Participants, Build Community
Languages - 7 languages, more coming

Still unsure?

Not ready to fully dive into the world of event apps? Then build your own free trial app or download our demo app to see how an event app works and what you can do to create great events.