Do you have to do your headcounts manually, ask guests to raise their hand physically, or pass around a microphone when it comes time for people to share thoughts or ask questions? Do you wish there was a better way to get feedback than a simple survey or evaluation with results that come in below average? We suggest it’s time to start looking into an event app as a potential guiding tool.

Introducing MeetApp, a new mobile event app set out to transform the way event professionals communicate with their audiences. With a heavy emphasis on interactivity and networking, MeetApp has become a leading conference app on the market. The app uses a simple, user-friendly interface designed to energize the interest of participants and users. When looking at mobile apps for events, finding a customizable solution is ideal.

With MeetApp you will be able to add your business logo, colors, and icons with ease. More importantly, this customized event app allows you to discover what your guests are thinking while it’s fresh in their minds and in real time. When looking for an event app, look no further than MeetApp!


Instant Dialogue and Evaluations

MeetApp makes the voices of your participants loud and clear, with instant dialogue you will be able to ask participants question and have their answers directly sent to a representative during presentations and meetings. No more waiting until the end or forgotten questions. With MeetApp, you gain instant feedback and can show live results right from your app for events. What better way to gain feedback and insight than instant polling and live discussions?

Being interactive with the audience makes them feel more involved, aware, and closer to the speaker. It’s communication 101. MeetApp allows you to collect votes accurately and effortlessly without spending valuable time or resources that involve doing manual counts or keeping track of comment cards. You’ll be able to download all results with a simple click and perhaps even take the information you’ve learned to help you improve the next event.

Capture the Attendees’ Interest with Stimulating Questions

Generating engagement from the audience is a major key whether it is a small or large affair – but especially when presentations are heavy on the content side. As a speaker or representative, you want your audience to absorb as much information as they can. So instead of just talking at the attendees and delivering information, why not let them be a part of the conversation?

By live polling at your meeting with MeetApp’s event mobile app, you will gain real-time interactions and inspire discussions among the crowd. When you give the audience a live poll to be a part of, you have the opportunity to be a team in a creative collaboration where everyone is able to express their thoughts and opinions. Not only is this a good learning experience, but it’s also much more engaging, interactive, and thought provoking than bare-minimum presentations.

Let Audience Results Drive Conferences

Not only will you be able to collect valuable information, thoughts, and ideas during workshops and conferences with a live poll, but you will be able to improve the meeting as it is happening. Having a MeetApp custom conference app allows organizers to understand what the audience finds relevant at any given moment. It gives planners a thorough understanding of what the audience is wanting from a presentation.

Utilizing this feedback while presenting can ultimately improve evaluation outcomes and attendee experience. By letting the audience choose topics and lead the conversation, you will see more interest and excitement within the session. In the end, they will appreciate the significance of the information that is being presented and will have more fun while doing it. It’s time to start unleashing your audiences’ full engagement potential now.

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