Some of the apps that we have built

We love helping our customers create engaging events!

We are thankful and proud to have some great customers such as Microsoft, United Airlines, UPS, GE, Ericson, Volvo, Pfizer, IDG, City of Stockholm and many more. In Addition, we work with the Chicago Police Department, Schools, communities, municipalities and public authorities.

”I loved the app. It was really easy to upload information into the app. When we have a lot of parallel program points ongoing, the app really helped to sort them all and create a structure that makes sense”

Helena Carlsson, Liaison Manager, Trade Promotion at Business Sweden.

How Customers Leverage MeetApp for Success

Education & Training

Providing travelers with top-notch service is key to their mission and the training for this is managed through MeetApp. United holds over 1,500 training events globally throughout the year and MeetApp helps ensure that all inflight employees have the knowledge and resources to be successful at their careers.

Solution in short:

  • Effectively distribute information and resources to trainees.
  • Foster an interactive learning experience that allows for optimal knowledge retention.
  • Create an in-app community of learning and promote professional development.

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Conferences & Tradeshows

Thousands of developers used MeetApp at Microsoft’s Tech Days in Kista Expo Center and accessed hundreds of agenda items, speaker information, program evaluations, pushes, audience polling and more!

Solution in short:

  • Used instant evaluation features to improve evaluation response rate.
  • Communicated agenda and speaker information through MeetApp.
  • Encouraged more participant networking through app.

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Workshops, Kickoffs, Internal Communications

The retail group ICA uses MeetApp to improve networking and facilitate dialogue between store franchise owners. ICA has also used MeetApp for their large customer facing meetings.

Solution in short:

  • Voting, polling, and sending questions to speakers and management.
  • Creating evaluations post-meeting regarding content, food, and location.
  • Gathering the contact information of all shop owners to remain in communication.

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Client and partner events

Vitec is a software company that offers industry-specific business applications in the Nordic market.

Vitec has an annual meeting where their customers gather to share experiences, present new products, and exhibit customer cases.

Solution in short:

  • Share product and service innovation ideas in-app to create conversations.
  • Vote on top ideas and showcase results at meeting to excite customers.
  • Maintain ongoing dialogue between Vitec and its customers.

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