New feature: Live stream your event in MeetApp!

Are you looking for an efficient and effective way to create digital meetings and events? Then you should try MeetApp’s new live stream integration feature!

With our live stream integration, your attendees can follow your event’s live stream directly from their app, while at the same time being able to participate and use the app’s features seamlessly and without interruption.

Three options for viewing the event’s live stream

In this new feature, we have developed the possibility for your participants to follow your live stream in three different ways:

  • Full screen mode for full focus
  • Picture-in-picture, allowing the attendee to use all app features without interruption
  • Through the web player for a comfortable and efficient multiple screen experience

Once you have activated the feature and integrated your live stream, your participants can easily access it by clicking on “Watch now” in the menu. From there, they can seamlessly switch between the full screen and picture-in-picture modes or choose to share the live stream to an external device, such as their laptop.

How do you live stream an event?

The first thing you need to do is find a cloud based video broadcast service that manages all the bandwidth, encoding and distribution of your live feed for you. MeetApp’s live stream integration supports YouTube Live as well as any external HLS compatible live feed.

If you are completely new to all of this, a good starting point could be YouTube Live. It is free of charge and provides the most essential features for streaming your event to a wider audience.

We have created a step by step getting started guide for YouTube live here.

If for some reason YouTube Live isn’t a viable option, there is a wide variety of services you could use for the live broad cast. As long as the service provider supports HLS, you will be able to integrate the video feed directly into MeetApp.

MeetApp will help you get started with your live streaming!

If you are not already using an HLS compatible streaming service, we can help you set up and integrate the live streaming of your event. Through our partnership with Wowza, we can provide the infrastructure needed to stream the video for you, and the only thing you need to do is manage your local production.

We have a number of cost-effective streaming packages, designed to be easily adapted to your needs of quality, length and number of viewers. Contact us for more information.

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