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1147 W Ohio St #204, Chicago, IL 60642, USA
Mobile: + 1 224 585 9844
Email: info@meetappevent.com

Kungsgatan 60, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
Sales & Info: +46 70 38 78 355
Email: info@meetappevent.com

Email: support@meetappevent.com

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"At MeetApp, we want to use innovation and interaction to make your meetings and events even better. That is our #1 goal."

Mats Bäcklund

CEO at MeetApp

"Whether you're a first time user or a seasoned proffessional - no question is too small and we're happy to help!"

Jacob Hedengren

Head of Customer Experience

"The functionality of MeetApp is incredible and our personalized app made our leadership conferences truly successful."

Jeff Greenman

Inflight Senior Manager at United Airlines