MeetApp Services Expand in 2021

By Samantha Gennett (Staff Writer)

Say goodbye to technical difficulties

The transformative time that we are currently living in caused us to resee many aspects of our everyday lives; these times have certainly made us reimagine how we attend events.

Most events these days are either entirely virtual or hybrid, meaning some of the attendees are virtual and some are attending in-person.

One thing that the pandemic has done is plunge us into the virtual world quicker and deeper than ever before. However, this virtual plunge has caused an influx in everyone’s favorite thing: technical difficulties.

Luckily, MeetApp has found a way to surmount all those annoying glitches, frozen screens, and audio dysfunctions while providing clients with a high-quality product. In 2021, MeetApp will be rolling out an ancillary AV Support Service coupled with the latest, most evolved version of the app.

MeetApp offers AV support packages

Partnering with AV professionals, MeetApp will soon be providing a technical support service to pair with the app. Whether you need support with the sound and picture quality of your virtual event, or someone to film at the location using multiple camera angles for your hybrid event, MeetApp has you covered.

With 3 packages to choose from, you can receive any type of AV service tailored to the structure of your event.

  1. The Virtual Zoom bundle includes support for video-conferencing platforms within MeetApp and assistance with livestreaming and speakers.
  2. The Virtual Live Stream bundle includes a full broadcast-style livestream with backgrounds, lower thirds, logo embedding, and full video playback—just to name a few of the features.
  3. Finally, the Hybrid bundle involves all the components of the Virtual Live Steam, in addition to an in-person staff to stream from the location using high-quality filming techniques and much more.

Your one-stop shop for virtual and hybrid event tech

Hosting a virtual or hybrid event is a lot of responsibility, especially with the added layer of technological dependency. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to have a seamless, glitch-free, smooth-running event, because MeetApp now provides the behind-the-scenes tech support you need.

MeetApp is now your one-stop shop for a product and service that exceeds all your virtual or hybrid event needs. While you focus on the big picture, the MeetApp team will take care of the rest.

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