MeetApp x Lyyti

Get twice the power in one experience! The MeetApp-Lyyti integration connects an easy-to-use attendee engagement platform with state-of-the-art event management software.

Benefits of the MeetApp-Lyyti package

Cutting-edge event management software

When you need an exceptional event management system with registration, ticketing and more – Lyyti is the perfect complement to MeetApp’s event platform.

Enhance the event experience

Effective communication drives engagement. Enhance your attendee’s event experience by combining Lyyti’s automated communication system with MeetApp’s engagement and networking features.

Two teams working as one

With the MeetApp-Lyyti package, it’s not only the tech that’s fully integrated – our teams are too. We are here to help you create amazing event experiences, every step of the way.

Cover the whole event lifecycle with MeetApp & Lyyti

Invite & register attendees

Create personalized layouts for your registration pages and invitations. The customized designs offer you colors, fonts and other visuals that match your brand and event to perfection.

Know & connect with your audience

Automatically gather data and connect with your invitees. By knowing who’s attending your event, you’re on the way to creating effective, personalized communication throughout your event lifecycle.

Automate & personalize your communication

Drag & drop email editor

Create visually impressive and distinctive emails. Make your recipients feel special with personalizations, and use dynamic filtering to reach each target group with the right message.


Lyyti’s payment tool allows you to sell tickets and collect attendance fees in a fast and safe way.

Email & SMS automation

With Lyyti’s automated email and SMS system, you can send out scheduled and well-targeted emails and SMSs with just a few clicks. Activate the automated waiting list to allow more attendees to join your popular event.

Measure, optimize & report

Measure attendee experience

Lyyti’s Experience Value Score (EVS) is a new standard for measuring event success. It allows you to evaluate your attendee’s event experience and consequently prove the effectiveness of your event.

Manage and report event data

Easily gather event and attendee data and create relevant and concise real-time reports. Export your information into XLSX and CSV files plus other online software, such as CRMs and marketing automation systems.

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