MeetApp Launches an Easy-to-Use Registration Feature!

Are you looking for an easy way to send invitation and manage participant registrations to your event? This August – just in time for your autumn kickoffs, conferences and events – we are launching a new registration feature as an add-on to MeetApp’s standard features.

While developing the new registration feature, we have focused on creating a tool that is easy to use and quick to set up – a feature without frills and extras. With our registration feature, you can easily and smoothly collect all the information you need about your participants before your next event, and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set up!

Customized registration page

With MeetApp’s new registration feature, it is easy to invite and keep track of your participants. Design your own customized registration page that can, for example, match the company’s graphic profile, the theme of the event or your event app.

Invite, keep track and send reminders – it’s super easy!

In the feature you can easily view the guest list, send invitations, keep track of who has accepted or declined and remind invitees to RSVP. Upload an Excel file with your invitees’ information, like names and email addresses, and select a custom email template to send your registration links or create a customized email yourself.

Adapt and sync

What do you need to know about your participants before the event? Choose what information you want them to fill in – name and email address might be obvious choices, but you can also ask about things like diet preferences, areas of interest, activity choices or whatever you like. Choose whether a field should be mandatory or optional and if the information should be synced with MeetApp’s feature “My information” and be visible in the participant’s app.

Exclusive options

Are you going to have workshops or offer different activities that have a participant limit? No problem. In the registration feature you can easily customize how many people should be able to register to an event item – first come, first served!

Everything gathered in one place

For us at MeetApp, it is important to be of use to our customers. We want to help you create better events, and in order to do this, one of our most important focus areas is to simplify and streamline your work as an event planner. With the registration feature we take the next step – instead of keeping track of long email threads or hassle with integrations and switching between different systems, you can now find everything about registration, communication and interaction with your participants gathered in one portal.

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