MeetApp Continues to Grow – Say Hi to Amanda and Kevin!

The past year has been full of continued improvements and new goals. We love working with a product that is not just well liked by our existing customers but also attracts new users daily. The demand for MeetApp has increased in such a way that we have expanded our US team! Our Chicago office started off the new year right by welcoming Kevin–and let’s not forget about our “soon-to-be veteran”, Amanda, who started in May last year.

Amanda, lovingly nicknamed “Grumpy Cat” joined the team in May, 2019 as our Sales Administrative Assistant. Her workday typically involves helping Sal, the CEO of our North American office, stay on top of his task. She keeps track of our CRM software and makes sure that the office stays organized and on track.

So Amanda, how has your time at MeetApp been so far?

– I can sum it up in one word – productive! I am seeing the business grow quickly, and I look forward to continuing being part of that growth. It has been a challenge keeping up with the progress and adjusting to changes, but I hope to turn that into an opportunity to help establish new standards for the future.

– I love having the freedom to grow within my position. I have been able to take on many roles and to be cross trained on many tasks. I feel as though that has helped to expand my professional skills which helps to contribute right back to the company.

Our second hire Kevin joined the team in January, 2020 as our Customer Success Manager. Apart from being a big Chicago Cubs fan he is focused on his career and is looking forward to the many opportunities that are to come this year.

Kevin, being the newest hire – what do you see as your biggest challenges?

– My greatest challenge so far has been memorizing the ins and outs of the app and the admin panel. I have been working a lot with the admin panel and how to build events for customers. It has been great practice and I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned to coach our customers on best practices for staging content. I am making tremendous progress and already have learned so much.

What are you hoping to accomplish at MeetApp?

– My hope is to accomplish building my own team of customer success representatives and do my part in help expanding the company. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to start at the ground level of a company and I couldn’t be more excited for my future and the future of MeetApp. It is going to be quite amazing to see where we are in 5 years from now.

– I’m really looking forward to actually going to some of the events our customers host for on-site support and seeing the app in action, to see how our app encourages more event engagement and interaction.

We are excited to welcome new colleagues on both sides of the pond. Apart from Kevin and Amanda in Chicago, we have also welcomed three new colleagues to our Stockholm office – Elin Pernbom is our new Customer Success Manager, Adriana Karlsson will be working as our Sales Development Representative, and Karolina Erikson is joining our marketing dream team.

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