MeetApp brings the “personal assistant” to Breakthrough Summit Attendees

Build your brand using your event app

By Samantha Gennett


In Nashville, Tennessee, Kantar, one of the world’s largest insight, information, and consultancy groups, hosted their 12th Annual Breakthrough Summit (formerly Digital CMO Summit). In order to facilitate this huge event, MeetApp was utilized by event attendees to maintain organization and participation throughout the conference.

MeetApp’s Enterprise Event App was able to deliver the essence of a “personal assistant” to the Breakthrough Summit attendees through push notifications in addition to its digital layout of the entire event’s extensive itinerary. While the attendees delved into rich discussion on the art and business of marketing, MeetApp took care of the logistics, such as the times and locations of panels, outside activities, and dining. In addition to reminding attendees of daily activities, MeetApp successfully enabled meaningful networking and connections amongst attendees via the app’s chat feature and embedded platform similar to Instagram where people can post pictures and, in turn, comment on and “like” to encourage further engagement. MeetApp allowed for discussion to continue flowing even after the event’s conclusion, as it is a medium for not just organization, but communication.

Spotify, Facebook, and Bank of America are a few of the organizations that had representatives at the Breakthrough Summit, amongst many other companies both large and small. The Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Executives in attendance were appreciative and excited about using MeetApp for the event. Jill Jankowski, Senior Manager of Creative Engagement Marketing for American Greetings expressed, “This is excellent! Making conferences personal, easily accessible, great options for one-to-one connections during and after the conference. This is an invaluable resource!”

Per MeetApp’s founding goal of simplifying and empowering the event experience for both attendees and event-coordinators, the participants of the Breakthrough Summit were able to have that “personal assistant” with them at all times, while also having a greater opportunity to interact with the subject-matters of the event and connect with the people in attendance. MeetApp provided attendees with a space to continue indulging in the content and gave people the luxury of not having to worry about the logistics and, instead, merely focus on the present moment. Kantar was able to curate a comprehensive and engaging event with the help of MeetApp that will remain relevant in the minds of attendees even after the event through the app’s easy and fluid way of managing attendees during the conference and reigniting conversations afterwards.