Make it Fast and Fun to Reach your Goals with Gamification!

What is the goal of your meeting?

In order for a meeting, conference or event to succeed, it is important to set a clear goal. With Gamification in your event app, you can then easily drive your participants’ engagement and get them to perform the activities that are most important to reach your goal, while also making it more fun for them to get involved and participate actively during the meeting.

How Does Gamification Work?

In order for us to perform a task and do it well, we need some kind of incentive – something that motivates us and makes us want to do our best. With Gamification, you can motivate your employees and participants to perform the tasks that are most important to you. By awarding points and inspiring some friendly competition, doing what you’ve got to do and doing it well becomes fun!

What can you do with Gamification in the event app?

With MeetApp’s Gamification feature, you can drive and steer your participants’ use of the app’s various features to match the goal of your meeting. Award points for the various activities that users can perform in the app:

  • Create a Participant Profile
  • Add a profile picture
  • Enter more detailed information into your Participant Profile, such as job title and contact information
  • Respond to polls and other Dialogue items
  • Answer surveys
  • Post a text update in the Activity Feed
  • Post a picture in the Activity Feed
  • Evaluate program items
  • Click on a Banner
  • Write notes

How does Gamification help me reach my goals?

Gamification is an effective way to get the app to cater to your needs. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it faster and have more fun on the road with the help of some friendly competition.

Drive change, raise awareness and gather feedback


Is the goal of your meeting to drive change? Whether you need your participants to acquire information about a reorganization, if you want to create a new product together with your employees or partners, or if for other reasons you want to make sure that the participants have understood a message or had the chance to air their opinions, you can use gamification to reach your goal.


Award more points to Dialogue responses and Surveys.

Bonus tip! Combine gamification points with a competition to motivate the participants to do their best, for example by awarding a prize to the best product proposal.

Network, get to know your colleagues and make new connections


It can be difficult to take the first step to contact new people. If an important goal of your meeting or event is for participants to get to know each other, you can use gamification to help them make it easy and fun to reach out.


Award more points for creating a really great participant profile with name, image, contact information and social media links.

Bonus tip! Kick off your networking session with a photo contest! Challenge the participants to find a new person they have something in common with, take a selfie and share what they have in common in the Activity Feed – the photo with the most likes wins! If you want more tips on different networking games that are easy and fun to set up for your event, read more here.

Promote partners and sponsors


Do you have a new business partner? Or have sponsors contributed to your event or trade show? It can be a challenge to get the participants to pay attention to your partners and sponsors, especially if you have a big event with a lot going on.


Award more points for clicks on Banners in the app and answers to Dialogue items.

Bonus tip! Combine banner clicks with a series of questions about your partners and sponsors in the app’s Dialogue section. Make sure that the answers to all questions can be found in sponsor presentations in the app and on the pages linked from banners – then the participants must actively click around and acquire information to win the contest. Hand out prizes to everyone who gets a full score!

These are just some of the challenges that Gamification can help you tackle, do you need more inspiration?

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