MeetApp’s live stream integration allows your attendees to follow the event’s live stream directly from their MeetApp app, using full screen and picture-in-picture video capabilities. It also provides an optional seamless way of sharing the event’s live stream to an attendee computer.

The live stream integration supports YouTube Live as well as any external HLS compatible live feed.

For information about how to get started with YouTube Live, follow this guide.

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Live Streaming Support in MeetApp

This article describes the MeetApp live streaming feature and web video player, how the features work and how you activate and use them at your digital meetings and events. Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Our “watch live” menu alternative gives the attendees access to the live stream directly from within the app.

Video supports full screen as well as picture-in-picture. The user can seamlessly switch between the two modes without any interruption. Using the picture-in-picture mode, it is possible to make use of all the app’s features while following the video stream.

1. Activate live stream integration

Starting out, you have to first activate the live streaming feature in MeetApp Admin. The Live stream integration feature can be toggled on under the event settings of your event. It is listed as a premium feature.

2. Settings

After enabling the feature you will have to define the settings of your live stream. Start by selecting the stream type, this can be either YouTube or HLS.

3 a. For YouTube

Continue by entering the YouTube ID of your YouTube Live stream. This ID is obtained by clicking the “Share” button on your YouTube live stream. It’s the last part of the URL as underlined below:

3 b. For HLS

Enter the complete URL of your HLS feed. This URL looks different depending on your video feed provider. If you need assistance with this, our support team is there to help you.

4. Complete the setup by providing these additional settings

Start date = The date for when the live stream menu button will be enabled inside your event.

End date = The date for when the live stream menu button will be disabled inside your event.

Enable participants to watch over web = If checked, this enables the MeetApp web-based video player.

MeetApp web-based video player

The web-based video player allows your attendees to share the video from within the MeetApp app to an external device, such as a laptop.

When enabled for your live stream, a unique access code is automatically generated for your stream. You find this code in the Live Stream settings window, as shown above.

Video share instructions

Instructions for how to use this code will then automatically be added to the app’s video capabilities.

Access code

The video player is located on, where the user enters the code to gain access to your live stream.

Web player

After the user has entered the video code, the player will be rendered using your app branding.

Need assistance?

If you at any point need help integrating your live stream, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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