Is the digitalization conference analog? Use a conference app.

Is the digitalization conference analog? Use a conference app.
Many conferences are centered around transforming organizations and companies to become future proof. Something that is important as well as difficult in today’s fast paced reality. A paradox is that many conferences are executed in outdated meeting formats, with obsolete technology and old rhetoric. This article will give you some advice on what you easily can achieve by adopting a conference app.
Interact with your participants
A conference app that includes real-time dialogue features allow you to perform interactive meeting-formats. This will turn your attendees into active participants and make them more engaged and energized. In addition, they will understand and remember more of what you are communicating and become more productive after the conference. Why not allow your participants to voice their ideas on what your conference should entail?
Prolong the effect of your conference
Traditional conferences have the tendency of fizzling out after the attendees leave the conference venue. By adopting a digital format – allowing attendee interaction before, during and after the conference – you will be able to capitalize on your investment.
Gather all documentation in digital format
A conference app allows you to gather all relevant information in digital format. Why not provide your attendees with presentations, abstracts, images, videos and in-depth material in one single place? In addition, this will reduce the cost of creating, printing and distributing paper-based material.
Increase networking
An app with participant network features facilitates attendee interaction and dialogue both during and after the actual conference.
Continue to communicate
Extend the effect of the conference by sending push notifications to your participants with questions, reminders of your messaging and encourage their future success.
Measure and evaluate
Last but not least. Did the conference achieve its objective? A conference app allows you to easily evaluate and follow up on what your participants thought about your conference, and most importantly what they learnt and how they will act as a consequence of your conference.
Tommy Brotte
Interactive Meetings