Improved features in your MeetApp event app

We are happy to announce our latest version of MeetApp, version 3.8.
The new version of MeetApp contains major improvements to the dialogue engagement section, GDPR compliance and a series of smaller feature improvements.
In this blog post you can read all about the new features of the release.

Improved dialogue design

We really wanted to do a face lift to one of the most popular areas of the product. As the dialogue section is one of the most important tools for audience engagement, we wanted to come up with a compelling design. One challenge was to make it adaptable for both brief and long dialogue questions as well as with or without long descriptions. The new dialogue design accomplishes that while incorporating your brand colors more prominently.

Image A – New layouts for polls and text feedback displayed.
Part of this project also involved improving the look and feel of the response views.

Image B – Display of the updated text response screens.

Survey feature

A feature many of our customers has been asking for is the ability to easily conduct surveys in the app. We’re happy to launch a completely new survey feature that allows you to quickly create a survey consisting of several dialogue questions. The survey provides a back/next user flow where the user is taken from one question to the next. All types of dialogue questions can be used in this survey.

Image C – Survey in progress, notice the step counter up in the right corner.
The survey component also provides the administrator with a series of smart tools for copying questions for faster setup of many questions with similar response options.
It provides a one-page overview dashboard of the survey responses as well as data export capabilities.

Pick correct answer

We’ve also launched a completely new dialogue type, “Pick correct answer”. This dialogue type works similar to a single choice type of question but with the main difference that the administrator assigns one of the options as the correct one.

Image D – Pick correct answer type of question demonstrated.
This dialogue type will provide better support for using the app for educational training, as well making it easier to arrange various competitions at conferences and events.

GDPR compliance

This version of the app provides full General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) support for your event app. You can read more about some of the things involved achieving this here.

Other improvements

Program and Information title alignment
Ability to move the title of program and info items to display below the featured image, this is particularly helpful when working with featured images that contains text.

Image E – The device to the right displays the new option of displaying the title below the image.
Respond once
Ability to lock down all of the existing dialogue types so that a user can’t change their’ response after posting it.
Besides all these features the 3.8 version of the App also contains numerous bugfixes, stability and performance updates.
All our subscription clients will be upgraded to 3.8 automatically over the next few weeks.