Improve attractiveness of public transportation

A large public transport organization was arranging an event for its membership organizations. The goal of the event was to gather ideas from their participants on how to improve attractiveness of public transportation.
Upon arriving at the conference the participants were informed about MeetApp; participants received instructions on how to get the application up and running as well as information about the importance of setting up their participant profile inside the application.
During the conference the participants were divided into multiple groups of 6 people, each group sat down together around tables. Industry experts and moderators at stage made heavily use of the dialogue feature during sessions in order to involve participants into the discussions. Letting the participants contribute with their skillset.
Output and decisions from discussions were collected and added to the different program items to ensure that all participants left the conference with up to date information in their pockets.
Besides general conference information they also included a public transportation travel planner as one information item.