How to Leverage your Event Attendee’s Smartphone Addiction

Nobody pays attention anymore! Why is that? And what can we do about it?

People are getting distracted like never before. Always on their phones, checking their email, taking selfies, looking at cute puppies on Instagram…so how can we break through the noise and wake up the vulture-necked zombies?

Embrace the change and evolve with it!

Three useful facts about the human mind

1. We are getting increasingly addicted to our phones.

The typical cellphone user touches their phone 2,617 times each day. Extreme cell phone users touch their phones more than 5,400 times each day. There is even an anxiety disorder caused by this addiction, it’s called “nomophobia” – the fear of being without a working cellphone.

2. Our attention span is decreasing.

Since the year 2000, and the beginning of the smartphone revolution, the average human attention span has been reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. (A goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds). This means that we are more susceptible to information that reaches us in small iterative bursts over a period of time.

3. There has been a huge paradigm shift in the way people find and consume information.

In stead of going out there to look something up, information now actively finds us through different opt-in feeds, apps, display ads and so on. This also means that we are beginning to expect relevant information to reach us automatically and effortlessly.

Read more about these facts in our article “Smartphones’ Impact on the Human Mind & the Event Industry”.

How to use these facts to your advantage

Ok, so if people are so addicted to their phones and always checking their messages and social media, how can we break through the noise? Well—by using an event app, you can leverage your attendees’ smartphone addiction to combat distraction, gain retention over time and get more collaboration!

1. Guide your attendees by sending them the right information at the right time.

Use directional push notifications to guide your attendees during the event. For instance, MeetApp can automatically send a push notification to everyone who has indicated an interest for a theme, session or speaker, that the session is about to begin.

2. Keep your audience’s attention peaked by asking timely questions.

You have about 7-8 minutes before audience distraction sets in – counteract that by sending a push notification with a fun and relevant poll! This not only creates a more fun and active learning environment, but done right, it will also reinforce your topic and help your attendees remember what you’ve talked about.

3. Make it fun for participants to use their phones to participate actively.

Pair your polls with a fun contest! You can either award a prize in real-time to the first person who answers a question correctly, or use MeetApp’s gamification feature to award points to your polls and give a price to the most active participant at the end of your event.

Want to know more?

These are just a few of the tips we go through in our webinar “How to Leverage your Event Attendee’s Smartphone Addiction”. Now you can download the webinar to gain access to all of our great tips, and also get a hands-on demonstration on how to use the MeetApp system to catch your attendee’s attention and create really engaging and memorable events.

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