How do you best promote your new event app?

In order for companies to get the maximum value out of their event app investment it is important that as many users as possible download and make use of the app.
There are a number of ways to achieve a high installation rate among event participants. This blog post elaborates on the fundamentals of doing so.
The message
One of the first things to decide is how to effectively communicate a promotional message around the app’s existence. Rather than simply communicating “Download our app for the event” it is well worth spending some time on describing the benefits of doings so.
Typical arguments are:

  • Stay updated on agenda and other practical details, get pushes when anything happens
  • Make your voice heard, participate in polls in the app
  • See who else is at the meeting
  • Ask questions to the speakers through the app
  • Participate in workshops through the app

We have also seen that some of our customers have some type of reward or competition, in line with “The first 100 downloads get a surprise gift!”
Focus on participant value rather than features of the app or benefits for the organizer of the event.

By promoting your app right you will get a much higher return on your app investment

After completing an appealing message it is time to focus on your marketing channel strategy.
It’s a good idea to use multiple different channels in order to make sure to reach out to as many of your participants as possible.
Besides communicating your message around the participant value of the app you should also make sure to include direct download links to the app on each platform. Use a tool such as or to shorten the links into a user friendly format.
Popular channels include:
Your website
Your web site is an excellent communication channel towards the participants that more actively are searching for information about your coming event. Place the message around the app clearly visible on the event over view page for best result, consider using a banner image in combination with the message in order to make it even more visible.
Various options exist ranging from simply sending an email with the app information message to your participant list to folding your message into your existing email workflow; such as registration confirmation or reminder emails.
Text message (SMS)
Sending out a text message to all your participants has proven to be very successful since the users receive the information on the device intended for app installation. Keep the text message brief with either links directly to AppStore’s or a link back to your web page where you have room for a more comprehensive message.
Social Media
For public events consider using your existing social media channels. Combine your message with graphics, such as screenshots of the app, since social media posts with images tend to get a lot more attention than posts without.
At the event
Inform your attendees about your app by the time they arrive at the event. Print signs with app information and place them where they are clearly visible. You can also create QR codes with links to the app stores and print on badges.
In person
Making people working at the event aware of the app has proven to be highly successful since they can hand out badges with installation information as well as helping participants with common questions around installation.
Promote your app during your keynote session by having the speaker informing the audience about the benefits they will receive by installing the app.
In summary
After investing in an event app you want to make the best use out of the investment by using it to the fullest. A prerequisite for doing so includes obtaining a high installation rate among your participants. Spending some time on formulating a message with the event apps value from a participant standpoint as well as communicating this message in the most relevant channels will be well worth since you will obtain a significantly improved installation rate.
Remember; once your participants have downloaded and started using your mobile event app you will have a direct channel of communication to the device they have in their hands all day.