How to Build a Successful Event App

Mobile event apps are becoming increasingly popular among event planners, with users lauding them as an invaluable promotional and organizational tool. But what makes an event app successful? The measure of success for any mobile event app is how many people actually use it. A successful event app that attendees [...]

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6 Ways to Make Your Event App Better

The rising popularity of mobile apps for events large and small is a testimony to the success that event planners have been having with this innovative tool. Not only do they cut down on the use of paper handouts and provide a way to receive attendee feedback, but with enough [...]

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10 Ways an Event App Saves You Money

From booking venues and ordering catering to purchasing ticket exchange services and more, organizing an event can rack up hefty fees. Regardless of your budget, saving money is always a bonus. With MeetApp’s event engagement app, you can save money and time. Check out the 10 ways a customized event [...]

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Why We Should Use Apps for Events and Conferences

For conferences and events, everything is easier when you take advantage of the MeetApp event engagement app! Designed to streamline the entire process involved in setting up and organizing a conference, an event app makes it easier for participants to get event information and for admins to organize all the [...]

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Check out our new office in India!

Yay, MeetApp is exanding! We are happy to welcome our new team members at our Indian office. This is from the opening celebration dinner with the Indian core team; Bhavana Mittal, Sudhanshu Sharma, Sarabjeet Singh, Anuj Gupta, Anubhav Bansal and Vijayant Go. Wishing you all welcome and lets continue to [...]

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Webinar: Leverage Your Event Participant’s Smartphone Addiction

Whether you know it or not, smartphones have dramatically changed the way your audience consumes and interacts with information during your events. With today’s shortened attention span and growing millennial audiences, it’s important to understand how we’re changing behaviorally to use mobile technology more effectively.  This webinar will explain those [...]

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