GDPR compliance for your event app

Beginning May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) takes effect. In maintaining MeetApp’s high standards and commitment to data privacy, we’ve been working with our legal team for the past year to identify how the new GDPR regulation affects us and what steps we need to implement to provide a 100% GDPR compliant product.
As of today’s release of version 3.8, MeetApp is now GDPR compliant. In short, some major changes enforced by GDPR include:

  • Improved data privacy policies with clear information about what personal data that is collected and for what purposes.
  • Information about how long personal data is kept in the system.
  • Implementation of processes for removal personal data on upon request.
  • Platform security measures for detecting and reporting any potential data breach in a timely manner.
  • Updated our license agreement to meet the new regulations.

Although the GDPR regulation is a European Union regulation, we believe it is also beneficial for non-EU end consumers. We are also providing the “right to be forgotten” processes and updated data privacy policies with better information for non-EU customers.
What happens next?
If you are an existing MeetApp subscriber, your app will be updated automatically well before the regulation goes into practice. This update will also contain new functional improvements – particularly in our Dialogue feature. If you are based in the EU, you will be contacted regarding an amendment to your MeetApp License agreement.
If you’re looking for a GDPR-compliant event mobile app solution, you can rest assured that MeetApp fulfills the new EU regulation.
To learn more about the GDPR regulation, go to