Four Great Remote Team Building Exercises

Working from home? Many companies find it challenging to move their conference online, resulting in a non-stop powerpoint presentation and no social interaction – wich means that important team building opportunities go to waste. However, it is not impossible to create a fun and rewarding conference for a distributed audience – with the help of an event app you can easily create fun and rewarding games and collaborative exercises for everyone to enjoy. Here are some tips on how to spice up your virtual conferences!

Virtual icebreaker

Icebreakers are an easy way to get a meeting started in a relaxed way and at the same time get to know the participants a little better. Icebreakers come in many different forms, perhaps the most common use is to open a meeting by letting everyone take turns and present themselves by name, role and share a “fun fact” about themselves. One way to make this as easy and convenient for your participants as possible, is to use the word cloud feature in your event app. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Prepare the exercise by creating a survey with free text questions in the app, where each question is a statement.
  2. Let one person be responsible for the exercise, maybe the same person who welcomes the meeting can open by presenting the exercise and telling you how to participate.
  3. The host says the first statement – e.g. “What is your favorite dish” or “which country would you prefer to travel to” – and welcome participants to respond in the app.
  4. The answers are displayed as word clouds on the screen, so that all participants can see how much the group has in common and what interests are most popular.
  5. Please allow a few extra minutes to “feel the room” and open up for free discussion. Maybe colleagues find a new lunch date or travel companion?

Not sure what to ask? Here is a long list of icebreakers for different occasions.

Home office pub quiz

Who doesn’t love a pub quiz? Even if you can’t meet up at the local pub, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the quiz! The next time you have a virtual after work or need a fun and relaxed game for your digital conference, invite everyone to pour a glass or cup of their favorite drink (whether it’s beer, coffee or something else) and prepare their minds for excellence. Prepare the game in your event app beforehand:

  1. Create a quiz in your event app, with questions of the type “pick correct answer”.
  2. Turn on the gamification feature for the event, select how many points a correct answer will give in “Quiz competition” and turn off any other points.
  3. Choose whether you want to play individually or divide the group into smaller teams (in that case, let one person be the team leader who answers the questions).
  4. Get started! Let one person read the questions and then give everyone a moment to answer before moving on to the next one. The most correct answers give the highest score in the app!

Having trouble coming up with fun things to ask? Here is a long list of tips on various trivia questions.

“Things” for your virtual team building

Have you ever played “Things”? It’s a simple and fun game that involves getting to know each other better with the help of statements and guesses. In short, it works like this:

  1. You come up with a number of statements that begin with “things” – ie. “Things my cat thinks about me” or “things we should talk about on our next conference”. You can choose between allowing everyone to send in statements or having one person preparing the game.
  2. The host reads a statement, whereupon all participants anonymously submit their responses.
  3. The host reads the answers in turn and all participants have to guess who said what. Make it a contest by awarding points for each correct answer!
  4. Then the host reads the next statement and the game continues…

Using an event app makes it easy for everyone to participate, no matter where you are, and you can easily save the results and return to them whenever you like. In the app you can play “Things” in two ways:

  1. Create a free text question in Dialogue where everyone’s responses are submitted anonymously. Show the answers in the app and let everyone guess who said what – the person with most right answers wins!
  2. Skip the contest and take a vote instead. Create a single choice question where the answers are the names of everyone who participates. View the answers as bar graphs and see how your colleagues vote in real time!

“Things” is not just a fun game, it is also a good exercise to get to know your colleagues and get a chance to learn how others think.

Here is a longer guide on how to play “Things”.

What color are you? Personality tests in the event app

It has become increasingly popular to use personality tests to understand oneself, one’s friends and colleagues, as well as when recruiting new employees or finding new ways to collaborate better in the workplace. With the help of an event app you can create your own personality test in a simple yet effective way – whether you’re just doing it for fun or want to do every step by the book and gather questions, execution, results and analyzes in one place – the event app is a great tool to help you along.

Here’s how you can prepare your personality test in the app:

  1. Decide what questions you want to ask your employees – you can make up your own questions, take inspiration from the internet or buy one of the various tests available on the market.
  2. Create a “Scale statements” dialogue question in the app and enter your test questions.
  3. Invite all participants to take the test in the app.

When you have completed the test, you decide for yourself how you use the result – is it a fun thing to talk about on the next after work session, a starting point for the theme at your next conference or a tool for organizing your team in an upcoming project? Whatever the reason, it will be super easy to download the answers and analyze the results.

(“Scale statements” is also a great tool for doing all kinds of evaluations, estimates and tests where you want a simple solution for participants to judge a statement on a scale – get in touch if you want more tips!)

Want to know more about how you can use an event app to create more valuable meetings and a tighter team?

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