Keep Participants Informed with A Conference App

Comprehensive Agenda

MeetApp’s comprehensive agenda gives participants access to the latest event schedule at their fingertips. Add images, videos, maps and links to relevant information. Break out agenda items into parallel tracks, add session evaluations and more!

Flexible Information

Deliver information such as speakers, sponsors and venue information. Include presentation documents, images, videos, embedded web pages and more! Information can quickly and efficiently be created, grouped into folders and linked to agenda items. Participant centric information capabilities.

Instant Content Distribution

Instantly distribute important documents to your participants any time; before, during and after your event. Share presentations, collateral, decision-making material, meeting notes and more. Everything convenient in your participants’ mobile device.

Abstract Management

Succeed with your scientific congress by using professional abstract management. Collect abstracts, organize authors and reviewers, and connect everything in your personalized app. Take notes, comment and rate the event’s content directly in the app. Everything is handled safely and securely with MeetApp’s privacy features.

Use an Event App to Drive Real-Time Interaction

Instant Dialogue

Let your participants’ voices be heard. Drive discussion through in-app text-based dialogue. Ask your audience questions and let them send answers or questions to the moderator. Gain instant feedback, display live results and share answers in your app for events.

Engaging Mentometer

Engage your participants through instant polls before, during or after your event. MeetApp’s effective real-time polls allows you to show graphs live during presentations or share graphs to your participants’ devices. Download all your poll results in excel.

Go Network!

Let your participants grow a valuable network of fellow attendees and they will leave your meeting with plenty of new and fascinating contacts in their pocket. Add your contact information, view other event participants and save new contacts to your phone. Drive engagement and networking with the private social media feature.

Push Notifications

Send real time push notifications to your participants regarding changes to your program and more. Instant update at your fingertips. Everything gathered in your app for events.

Instant Evaluations

Gather insights and feedback in your event app from your participants to improve future conferences and events.

Dynamic Word Cloud

Ask a question to your participants and visualize their answers in a dynamic word cloud. Present results directly in the event app or on a large screen.


Increase your participants network by providing instant messaging capabilities directly inside the app.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed acts as your private secure Instagram, a separate flow of photos and comments inside the event. Allow your participants to share photos and texts with others inside the app. You as an organizer can save the best pictures directly to the image gallery and moderate inappropriate pictures and comments.


Engage your participants by having them compete for who is the most active app user. Assign points to the features and encourage your participants to share contact info, take part of important event information and participate actively in the dialogue with organizers, speakers and each other.

”Our customers feel that we listen to them and use their feedback in our product development.”

Karin Liiw, Head of Marketing, Vitec

The Best Event App for A Fully Customized Experience

Custom-branded App

Build brand awareness through an exclusive meeting app with your logo, colors and content. Your self-branded event app gives you a consistent experience across all your events. Update your content from anywhere at any time via our user-friendly web-interface. Custom menu items let you surface valuable information into the main menu.

Easy To Use Admin

Create and update your events at any time from anywhere. Simply log in to MeetApp’s easy-to-use admin and create events, update schedules, distribute collateral and send push notifications to your participants.

Secure Event Features

Manage security and anonymity with MeetApp’s privacy features. Allow participants to only view the events they should have access to. Password protect entire events or specific dialogue items. Set responses to anonymous for honest feedback.

Super Fast App Delivery

We build your event app with your icon, logo, and brand colors. We handle all the complexities of managing approvals, hosting and support. You can entirely focus on creating a great event. Your event app is delivered within 4 weeks and is available on Android, iPhone, and Windows platforms.

Social Media, Images, and Video

Social Media Wall

Integrate your social media feeds in the event app and let your event participants follow what is happening on social media. Display real-time social feeds across multiple social platforms in a visually attractive way, in your event app or on a large screen. Moderate content by letting an administrator approve images and texts before postings occur on your social wall.

Integrated Web

MeetApp’s integrated web feature lets you deliver web-based content to your audience in their event app. Whether an event registration page, your full website, a YouTube or a Vimeo video. MeetApp gives you the flexibility to embed full web experiences in one conference app!

Virtual Reality

Our VR-feature allows you to start exploring the world in an incredible visual way. Make your agenda and information items more real by including 360 images. Visualize virtual environments or settings for training or other purposes. Allow participants to step into a “real-world model” and offer practice runs at new techniques, designs and ideas. Go virtual!

Event Image Gallery

Share the event experience through pictures with MeetApp’s image gallery and enhance your participants’ visual experience. Post your images or participants’ images from the event to your event app. Use an app for events to showcase your special moments!

One App for Everything

Revenue Opportunity

Monetize your event app through in-app advertising and sponsorships. Add value by increasing sponsor and advertiser visibility to your participants. Generate revenue through splash screens, banners, sponsor lists, sponsor pushes. gamification and more!

Multiple Events

With all your events in one event app, your participants can easily access any event without ever leaving your app! Add or remove events, set your event access to public or private to control access and share content easily between events!

Connect Between Events

Communicate with your participants between meetings. Keep them updated, engaged and involved. Remind them about upcoming activities and events, send push notifications, ask questions, conduct polls and keep your participants informed at any time!

In-App Notes

Enable participants to easily take notes inside their event app and they will remember the important things well after the event has finished. With MeetApp’s in-app notes, participants can send and share their notes via email.

”The functionality of MeetApp is incredible and our personalized app made our leadership conferences truly successful.”

Jeff Greenman, Inflight Senior Manager at United Airlines

Easy Participant Registration

End-to-End Solution

Gather everything from invitation to information, communication, interaction and follow-up in one platform. We have focused on simple functionality that should be easy to use and quick to set up. Gather everything in one place for a seamless experience.

Customized Registration Page

You decide what your registration page should look like. Choose a background image, logo, icon and colors and we will put together the template you need for your events. With a few clicks, you add and adapt your questions and decide if the submitted information should be visible in the app.

Invite and Keep Track of Participants

Upload your guest list and send out invitations with just a few clicks, overview who has accepted or declined, and remind those who have not yet responded. From MeetApp’s admin panel it is easy to invite and keep track of your participants, as well as download the guest list when done.

Registration Made Simple

Our registration feature is an easy-to-use solution that meets all of your basic participant registration needs. Streamline and simplify your work and give your participants a seamless registration experience with MeetApp Invite.