Extend your MeetApp experience with registration & ticketing

To ease your event administration, MeetApp has included a number of useful marketing and registration features to improve your meetings and events end-to-end. MeetApp now supports the entire meeting process – from sending out invites and registering participants to execution and evaluation.
In short, some of the key benefits with the new integrated solution are:picture8

  • Registration of participants
  • Collect important participant information for event planning
  • In-app information regarding participant choices
  • Integrated, pre-populated participant data
  • In-app individual digital tickets that are scanned upon arrival
  • Access MeetApp’s full set of event app features

Now, let’s drill down through some of the specifics of how this works. You may put your own spin on some different emails. For example, use email templates and customize your invitations by using HTML editor. Or tweak your confirmation and reminder email with a personal twist to greet them welcome or remind them to register. In addition, you can either use one of the existing templates or customize your own reply form with the drag-n-drop form builder. You can easily reuse and save your templates. And don’t forget to include links to your app in the confirmation email and instructions on how to get started in order to increase downloads of your event app.
Now you are ready to start inviting participants by importing contacts from your address book, adding them manually or – to speed up the process – you may choose to import a CSV file to build your initial contact list. Then use reporting and export functionality to collect and measure responses.
Last but not least, your participants experience will be greatly improved by the new solution. Participants will:

  • Receive email linked to your reply form
  • Be encouraged to respond to your questions
  • Receive confirmation with links to your MeetApp
  • Get direct ticketed access to event in your MeetApp

Best of luck with your meeting or event!
The MeetApp team