Explore Virtual Reality with MeetApp

Take the step into virtual reality with MeetApp. Our VR-feature allows you to model the world in an incredible visual way. There are tons of different exiting usage areas for VR. Just to mention a few:image1-2
•Make your agenda and information items more real and explorative by including 360 images to provide your participants with virtual reality views of associated content.
•Give an authentic feeling of your meetings or events by including virtual environments.
•Visualize different virtual environments or settings for training or other purposes.
•Allow participants to step into a “real-world model” and offer practice runs at new techniques, designs and ideas.
•Let your students explore different environments. Take a class trip to for example a sporting arena, a foreign country or anyplace you choose.image2
Our virtual world works with either using VR-goggles or you can simply watch it from your mobile screen.
Go virtual and start exploring!