Event Registration Simplified!

MeetApp Invite lets you easily invite, register and keep track of your event invitees!

  • Custom Registration Pages
  • Invitations Manager

Participant details

Let participants enter name and contact details on a branded registration page. Sync automatically with the app.

Customized questions and choices

Give participants a choice of break-out sessions, activities and preferences. Set a limit on max available seats.

Participant grouping

Automatically group participants based on their choices. Send push notifications to specific groups.

Upload list of invitees

Easily add invitees by uploading participant lists in excel.

Send out invitations

Create and send out customized invitations with just a few clicks.

Follow up and remind

Never lose track of your participants with automatic reminders. Track status of each invitee.

Branded Pages

Build brand awareness from the beginning with a unique registration page.

GDPR Compliant

MeetApp is fully GDPR compliant; which means your participant data is safe with us.

Easily Export Data

Export all your relevant participant data with just a few simple clicks.

Need ticketing or advanced registration?

MeetApp Invite is hard to beat when you want an easy event registration solution. If you need more advanced functionality, our partner Lyyti’s event management system is fully integrated with MeetApp – in both tech and teams.

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From Invitation to Evaluation

Registration is only the beginning. Create an end-to-end event experience for your participants with our event app and web platform.

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