Unleash Your Virtual & Hybrid Event Potential

All of your in-person experiences can now be extended online! Virtual Venue lets your audience connect to the full event experience whether they are in-person or remote.

Create a Complete Event Experience

A virtual event is not only a live stream, in the same way a live event is not only a stage. Use our virtual event platform to engage attendees in dialogue, drive networking and share content to provide that real event experience.

Provide Context by Sharing Content

Keep your event agenda, speaker bios, presentation decks, handouts and personalized attendee information in one place. Build community through in-app image galleries, activity feeds and direct attendee messaging.

Engage with Dialogue

Keep attendees involved and active with the help of gamification, live polling, interactive Q&A’s and more. Send out push notifications to guide participants throughout your event and “wake them up” when joining from home.

Integrate Live Streams and Meeting Tools

Your participants can follow integrated live streams from their computer and phone while interacting with each other and the speakers. Guide users to breakout sessions in virtual meeting rooms via integrated meeting tools such as Teams, Zoom and GoTo Meeting.

Connect On Any Device

Let users shift from mobile to desktop and back as they please. MeetApp’s web platform and event app lets you participate from any device, regardless of where you are.

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Agenda for Virtual & Hybrid Events

  • Examples of how to structure your event content
  • Differences between live and virtual events
  • Download our storyboard!

Dramaturgy Helps Attendees Focus

  • How to keep your audience focused and engaged
  • Similarities between a business event and a rock concert

Producing a Virtual or Hybrid Event

  • What to think about when producing a virtual or hybrid event
  • Choose the right tool to match your needs
  • Download our Infographic!

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