Engage and inform participants regardless of event format – in-person, digital or hybrid

No matter what kind of event you are planning, the key to success is that the participants are active, involved and have access to all the relevant information. With MeetApp’s new features, you can connect with your participants even if they are stuck at home in front of their computer or distributed in different offices. Gather everything from invitation to interaction, communication, networking and follow-up – via our web and app platform, participants can actively participate in your meeting and switch seamlessly between devices without missing a second of your presentations.

An event cannot only consist of one-way communication, it is even more important to interact and create dialogue during a digital event than in person.

MeetApp’s web platform

With MeetApp’s web platform, it becomes even easier to participate in digital meetings and events. Gather your agenda, integrated livestream, polls and more. It enables the participant to e.g. follow a presentation and send questions to the speaker via both the computer and phone, and switch seamlessly between the screens.

Integrated meeting tools

As a MeetApp user, you can integrate your favorite digital meetings tool – such as Zoom, GoTo Meetings or Microsoft Teams – directly in the app.

With this new feature, you can create virtual meeting rooms for workshops and group assignments in the app. Provide participants with personalized information about which group or break out session they are to participate in during a major digital conference. In this way, the participants get an easy way to switch between presentations, workshops, networking, surveys and more – they always know where they should be and where in the agenda they are, even though they are at home at their computer.


Integrated live streaming enables your participants to follow your digital event from wherever they are. Choose between creating a simple stream by e.g. YouTube Live or any HLS provider, or create a professional production with the help of a studio team. Regardless, it will be easy to integrate the stream into your MeetApp event app and web platform.

Everything in one place

Gather everything you need in one place to achieve the goals of your meetings and events, whether they are held in person, online or something in between. An overview of what we offer:

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