Direct Linking in MeetApp Enhances the Attendee Experience

We are launching direct linking in MeetApp, which means that your attendees can enter directly into their event without first having to use an event code or choose between different events on a list. This is a highly sought-after feature that we are happy to deliver, to make it easier for both organizers and participants alike.

How does direct linking work?

  1. Every event is automatically assigned a one-click direct link, accessible in the admin panel
  2. These links can easily be shared with your attendees using MeetApp Invite or method of choice
  3. When an attendee clicks on their link:
    • On desktop/laptop:
      • MeetApp Virtual Venue is opened up and attendee is taken directly into the event experience, no need to select an event.
    • On mobile:
      • The attendee is presented with a choice; they can either open the event using the mobile app or continue using the web browser (see image for details).

Details on the mobile experience

If the app is installed, it will open and take the attendee directly into the specified event when they click “Open in mobile app”.

If the app is NOT installed, Appstore/Google Play will open to the right app so that the attendee can easily install the app. Once installed, the app will automatically take the user to the right event.

If the app requires email registration, and the user is new to the system, then they are taken directly to the event after going through the email registration process.

Even easier to switch between screens

Attendees starting with the Virtual Venue (web) experience can easily bring that experience to the mobile phone using the mobile app – or the other way around – by simply scanning the QR code with the camera on their phone (see the image for details).

This also means that the user will be the same on web and app, meaning that things they do on one platform will reflect in the other.

Would you like to know more about MeetApp Virtual Venue and direct linking?

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